Monday, June 6, 2011

Chirping Birdie Tickle-My-Soul Day

I have a joy to share: my horrible inherited problem weed-overgrown flower gardens are about to burst with lilies, are safely harboring some beautiful steadily growing coral portulacas, I see many wild but welcome columbine sprouts - and I have a profusion of opening buds on my peony bush! The hostas are flourishing.... all the various irises I've collected bloomed beautifully this year. :) Does anyone want some lily-of-the-valley? They are beautiful in spring and a nice 8" bed cover but spread tightly through the roots! My rose bed (I planted starts only last year!) has given me a beautiful show.. our basil and chives are both growing well so I am hatching a design for more herbs plus corn and beans along the backyard fence. :D Tomatoes,cukes, peppers and pumpkins are all looking healthy. We have a long way to go but it is finally paying off. You'd think I was a gardener or something. :)

As long as I'm living here I'll be up for any conversation about shade gardening - the majority of the beds are mostly shade or limited to morning and evening light. I have ferns I don't know what to do with, where to put them or how to pair them... they are mercifully growing back in a random manner after I ripped them out as a new resident (a completely invasive weed where I came from :) I want an apple tree or two and am thinking hard about the long 8x80 foot space between the rear of the garage and the back fence.

Happiness. At first I did this because I wanted the neighbors to know I want to be a good neighbor, and a suburban house with wild weed gardens does not seem like a good neighbor... plus I enjoy flowers and they are sometimes cheap to share. Although it is still only an occasional hobby, I can now garden for the joy.

The birds have been chirping beautifully all morning, adding to the delight of discovering that I WIN this weed battle. Happiness.

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