Wednesday, June 15, 2011

relational disorder

plan what you need/want
evaluate what it takes
do it right
don't expect more than your creation was designed for

Simple enough guide for construction, right?

What if we fancy our relationships as buildings?

In that view, a landscape littered with so many ill fitting (to the purpose), poorly built and unfinished or mostly destroyed buildings is a bit depressing, is it not?

I found this mental picture when thinking about how watching an intimate relationship being intentionally destroyed is so very painful. The "I willingly started this with you but now I desperately want you to abandon me so I'll blow apart what we made, every connection we have, every foundation for your happiness..." behavior that I have seen a few big examples of lately... got me thinking about how unintentional, unaware, or lazy many people seem to be about relationships of all sorts.

I've come up with a new way to think about my own relationships.

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